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It feels weird when I call a Palappam, Palappam because we always referred to it as appam. But in reality, it can be confusing to many, so calling it Palappam will clear all such doubts. This dish holds so many fond memories because it is always associated with celebrations.Nowadays people make it quite often at home but in the olden days, it was made only for celebrations.Amma always told me that it was only for Easter or Christmas that they had Palappams while growing up and that it was made in a cast iron appa chatti which made a sizzling noise when the batter was poured in, which, could be heard all the way till the church and that they used to run back from church to eat those hot hot Palappams right out of that hot pan.

No matter how many fond memories you have associated with it, there will be many terrible memories of how it turned out for you when you tried making it for yourself. Having heard so many such disasters, I went ahead and got the recipe from Amma,even before I was married! Only after you are married will you attempt such adventurous recipes on your own, right?

Till date,I've never had a failure at it. This recipe is foolproof! Last May, Perappan & Peramma had visited us and I made Palappam's for breakfast one day. It's not that easy to get a compliment from Perappan because he really knows how to cook,so, he can be a very good critic too! But my Palappam's became an instant hit with him that he just couldn't stop feeling it and telling me how soft they were and that, it never came out so soft for them! And he overate at that meal !

Oh and another thing he totally loved was my Theeyal! I adore Peramma's theeyal and if Perappan had to like mine, it had to be that good.I remember Perappan asking Peramma,'Evalude naadan curry ellam nallatha.Evidunnu kitti aa kaipunyam?', to which Peramma replied,' Avalude Perammede aduthoonnu!'. I couldn't stop laughing hearing that!
Palappam Amma's recipe
Makes 25-30 nos.

3 cups basmati rice
1 3/4 cups grated coconut
1 cup cooked rice (parboiled, sona masoori, basmati ...anything!)
1/2 teaspoon yeast
6-8 tablespoon sugar

Method: Wash and soak basmati rice in plenty of water for 5-6 hours. Grind it using your blender,along with the remaining ingredients except salt to a smooth paste, adding about 2-3 cups of water. Once it is ground transfer the batter to a large container,then, separate your fingers and dip your hand into the batter and pull it out. If the batter drips down thin ,almost like water,that's the correct consistency. If it's thick, thin it out with some more water. Cover and let it ferment for 8 hours in a warm spot or until almost tripled in volume. After 8 hours (or before using it), add salt to taste and stir it in. Leave it undisturbed for 20-30 mins for the batter to rise again. It would be super foamy on top.
Heat the appa chatti* on high heat and scoop out a ladle full or two of the foam from the top,pour into the hot pan and swirl the pan to make appams. NEVER stir the batter,just scoop out the foam that's forming on top. If you feel that the foam has subsided after making 10-12 appams, just leave it aside till it foams again, 5-6 minute and continue.

*If you don't have an appa chatti, you can use an omlette pan and cook them like pancakes, one at a time.Don't flip them,just cook them on one side.

When I was growing up, Sunday's always meant Beef curry with potatoes & Appams at Peramma's house. Ah! That was one of the best combinations I've ever eaten. That taste still lingers on my tongue. Now, whenever I make that 'urulakizhangu etta beef curry' I think of those days.I am so glad that I am able to reproduce that same taste in my kitchen.I think even if everyone can't cook well, if they can make their most favourite things, be it one or two items, that should be it. I mean, if you can make your comfort food the way you always liked them, I think you are a star!

Palappam's vanish at lightening speed in our house. Jobin always ends up overeating that day. Ian will be standing right next to me pointing at the appa chatti asking for more. He will not leave the kitchen once the Palappam's aroma starts wafting throughout the house. And I will be this crazy woman trying to juggle between my two appa chatti's , a hungry baby and a husband who enjoys 'choodu choodu appams' ! No matter what the commotion is in the kitchen, I always tell Jobin that I am so happy that I know how to make perfect appams because I've never wanted them to be like 'someone else's'.

Appam days are always happy in our little household!


Shuja said...

I always use coconut milk to make palappamas , my mom and many others grind their coconut and still make awesome appams. Since we have this twice a week , I don't eat appams from hotels or restaurants at all !

Hamaree Rasoi said...

Palappam looks so delicious and inviting.

Shree said...

Thank you for this recipe Ria. Using basmati rice is new to me, I usually use raw rice. By the way, we call it Vellappam in our place :).

Mélange said...

Absolutely loved the click there Ria.What an aesthetic mood it invokes! And loved your perfect appam.6-8 tbsp sugar sucks,for me though !

Mélange said...

And Ria,requests you to add a 'print friendly button'.Thanks,

Finla said...

This is how we make it too. And moms appoms were very famous. There was a time when she made with toddy but later it was with yeast as toddy ( she used to give coconut trees for tapping ttodyy) We call it too Apoms too. These look beautiful.

Anita Jeyan Sandeep said...

I use the exact same method, only difference being, I use the pachari. Even my mom and mom in law use it. But everything else is the same, including the fact that appam days are guiltless eating days at home..! And appam is so special especially when teamed with beef stew! And like you said I never wanted my appams to improve or taste like someone else's! But I like how you used basmati rice..I think by the look of your appams I may as well try using it.. I think its worth a try. Brilliant pictures you have there !

Sruti Rudrappa said...

when do you add the yeast?just before u are ready to make it?and then let it rest for 20 minutes ?

Sruti Rudrappa said...

when do you put in the yeast?just before you are ready to make it?and then let it rest for 20mins?

Ria Mathew said...

Thanks everyone!!
Anita, I hope you like them ! They are very good :)
Sruti, no. Add it while grinding... only then will it ferment.

Uma Balaji said...

Made this for dinner last night Ria and it came out just like I wanted it too...non sticky and so very tasty! Thank you so much for sharing the secret of such perfect Palappams. Basmati rice definitely did the trick :)Looking forward to trying out some of your other recipes that interest me.

Manisha said...

Hey Ria, thank you so much! I tried making appams with your recipe and they came out light and fluffy!

I started out with exactly half of the quantity mentioned here to be on the safer side and the result was wonderful! I made about 15-20 appams and had it with coriander chicken... :)


Meera Sujith said...

This is amazing Ria...really enjoyed reading through your recipe. It is nicely expressed and I already got the emotion of having perfect Appams in a Sunday morning! You know what I am reading this after we just had bread omelet for our breakfast today :( ..I will be now a regular visitor to your blog! Keep up your kaipunnyam and thanks for keeping ppl like me inspired!

Ria Castelino said...

hello ria,
i don hv appachatti. how can i use omlette pan...can you help please

Ria Castelino said...

how can i use omelette pan for appam can you help

Phebe Alexander said...

i tried exactly the same came out perfectly. After trying out many methods, this one came out so well. The best thing i liked about this was; using basmati rice! I never thought I can make appam out of basmati rice. Thank you so much!

blahmachine said...

Dear Ria.
I have never made appams before, but love them. You made it seem so easy that I had somebody buy me two appachattis and tonight, I made what I thought were sublime appams for dinner. It was so easy and so delicious, and such a huge hit with the family. Now you've turned an Assamese living in Mumbai into an appam maker! How's that for national integration?? Hah! Thank you.

Beryl Renson said...

Hi Ria,

Do you have Chicken Stew recipe in your blog? I couldnt find it. If you dont, can you please post your stew recipe too?

sujith john said...

Can you add a pinterest icon also? That way I could save the recipe with your link. Thanks. I am only in the process of making the appam. So I will comment on it tomorrow. First time trying from scratch. Thanks.

Ria Mathew said...

Thanks to all who tried it! :)
Ria, use it like you would for an omlette but with a lid on it. It will not give you lacy appams like in the picture,but more like the regular dosa types. It will not affect the taste :)
Blahmachine,that's just plain awesome!
Beryl, I will do a post on that for sure :)
Sujith, I will work on it...I am a bit technologically challenged! I hope you liked the appams!

sujith john said...

I have tried the palapam. I made it from scratch the first time. It came out so good
The kids loved it and hubby said it was awesome. No more palapam podi packets in this household. The recipe is a keeper. Thank you so much.

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